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Flightmode Aluminium Luggage MEDIUM- Silver

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Our 24-inch Flightmode Suitcase MEDIUM is just the right size for your 7-10 day hip city trip - big enough to pack everything you'll need and yet still lightweight. Made from the same durable material as our Flightmode Suitcase Collection, our high end anodised aluminium promises durability and functionality for many years to come. The double TSA approved latch locks, and inner divider pads will keep all your belongings safe and secure. We've also ensured that our iconic reinforced wheel structures and 360° double wheels also feature this model. With our Flightmode Suitcase MEDIUM, you'll go near and far.



Aluminium Body

100% Aerocraft standard aluminium body making it ultra-lightweight but designed to last.

TSA Locks

2 Integrated TSA-approved latch locks for maximum security. No more lost keys, and your personal belongings with be safe on all trips.

Structure Protect

Reinforced wheel structure means your suitcase will brave all surfaces and pass the test of time.

Full Lock Unibody

Zipper-less with aluminium unibody means no more snags and unwanted pulls.

360° Spinning Wheels

Revolutionary design spinning wheels, 360° smooth movement across the airport, tarmac, hotel lobby, and train stations.

Compact Divider

Convenient inner divider pads to securely fasten all your belongings. Plus, you won't have to dive deep to find your essentials anymore.

Bag Holder

A retractable strap built into the shell of the luggage, allowing an additional piece of luggage to be secured directly to the suitcase.


MEASUREMENT                   45 × 25.5 × 67.5 CM

CAPACITY                            60 L

WEIGHT                               4.7 Kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Aaron Steinke
I love the small and medium… the large, not as much

They look great, even with a bit of wear, and balance weight and security really well. We have one in each size, and find that the large is somewhat more prone to large dents, and, most annoyingly, when it has a bit of weight in it (over ~15kg), lifting it by the top handle tends to pop the frame out - presumably both because of the long spans.
Not a problem on the smaller cases, if I had my time again, I’d buy two mediums instead

Nathaniel Laurel

Solid looking suitcase with clean aesthetics! Good value purchase

Tyler H.

Reliable companion!

Amber H.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Olivia H.
Practical Elegance!

Exquisite design meets practicality.