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3 Dial Steel Cable Padlock

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Combination Padlock

Versatile and flexible combination padlock for luggage with a reliable 3 dial design. No keys to lose, easy to set using a code of your choice.

  • Deter would-be bag thefts with brutalist composition
  • Solid 8mm compact case construction
  • Lightweight 30gm body while still resistant to bag tampering
  • Fits most bag and luggage zippers
  • Ideal for; luggage, zippered bags, backpacks, overnight bags, and lockers
  • Carry-on compliant design
  • Set your own personal lock combination
  • Key free lock, no keys to lose and no key holes to be picked

Place the lock so the flightmode logo is facing towards you. The locks default combination is 0-0-0. Align the default combination with the engraved vertical line on the front of the lock. Make sure to accurately align the combination, as a small error will result in the lock not being able to be opened. Squeeze the sides of the lock and the cable will be released, a small tug might be required simultaneously. To reset the default combination, first, open the lock. Use a paperclip or pen tip to press the button on the base of the lock, continue to hold the button and turn the dials to a new combination. Release the button and the lock's combination is now set to your own personalised combination. Please make sure to remember your new combination as there is no way to reset the lock if the combination is forgotten.

Customer Reviews

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Xavier B.

Instantly fell in love!

Lucas B.

Sets the standard for travel products.

Savion B.
Durability Tested!

I'm continually impressed by its durability.

Claudia H.

Easy to use and flimsy.