Tips on Choosing the Best Carry-on Luggage in Australia for Your Next Trip

Tips on Choosing the Best Carry-on Luggage in Australia for Your Next Trip

When travelling, you need a reliable travel companion. Going on a trip with the right carry-on luggage in Australia allows you to prevent lost luggage. You don’t have to search for your suitcase on the conveyor belt, and you can also avoid a bunch of inconveniences brought by a massive piece of luggage. 

While getting a carry-on suitcase in Australia is a great idea, there are plenty of things to consider first when choosing the right cabin luggage. And in this blog, let us help you pick the best possible travel bag for a more enjoyable trip.  

Know the different types of luggage 

As a traveller, you have to know a wide selection of luggage, from a travel backpack to black hard luggage. Learning more about the different kinds of carry-on suitcases is essential to choose the right luggage that best fits your needs and protect your things while going on an adventure. 

So, you should be more particular and meticulous in choosing what type of bag you want that can store your things and helps you travel with ease. If you want to travel light, you can choose from rolling carry-on luggage, travel duffel bags, and cabin suitcases. These are some typical travel bags you can bring with you on board and easily store in the overhead bin. 

Pick from soft-side and hard-side luggage 

While you can find many excellent cabin suitcases in Australia, they may or may not suit your preferences. And selecting from soft and hard luggage can be pretty overwhelming. The two have functional features, but depending on your style and aesthetics, it would be best to weigh the pros and cons first. 

The hard-side cabin luggage type is suitable when bringing fragile items and travelling in the rainy or winter season since they are waterproof. But the cons are that they are not flexible and prone to scratches and dents. On the other hand, the soft-side luggage type is lightweight, flexible, and more practical, but the catch is that it is not water-resistant, and thieves can easily cut the material. 

Choose from rollaboard or spinner suitcases 

A carry-on luggage in Australia is small enough to fit in the overhead bin. But one of the goals is to go on an adventure with ease; that’s why wheeled luggage is your perfect travel companion. Choose from either the rollaboard and spinner cabin suitcases as they may suit your style better.  

The former has two wheels that can be easily moved back and forth, while the latter can move to 360 degrees. So, choose whether you prefer to drag your suitcase behind you or roll or push the luggage next to you. It’s all about convenience and functionality. 

Check available sizes 

Generally, you can bring a carry-on suitcase in Australia with the dimensions of 56cm in height x 36 cm in width x 23 cm in depth. So, they can surely fit on the overhead bin or under your seat. 

While you can find many functional and stylish cabin luggage, it’s still essential to check out their available sizes. If they go beyond the required dimensions, then you should go for your next choice. That way, you won’t face any inconveniences in the airport and board a plane efficiently. 

Examine other features 

A frequent traveller knows how significant the bag's features are when picking up a piece of cabin luggage. Apart from the available sizes, you should also check if the colour matches your style and its other features can bring convenience when travelling.  

Some essential features to look out for when getting a cabin suitcase are the bumpers, locks, pockets, wheels, compartments, etc. These qualities help secure your belongings and ensure you can enjoy your trip better. 

Look for a trusted brand 

Many shops offer a wide selection of travel bags and accessories. But it would be best to look into those reliable ones, such as Flightmode.  

Check out their offered products and the corresponding prices so that you can pick one with high quality but still affordable. And you can also purchase other travel accessories for your chosen luggage. 

Make travel more fun with a reliable travel buddy from Flightmode 

Travelling must be memorable and enjoyable. So, don’t let inconveniences and issues prevent you from having fun and making memories. And get high-quality and stylish carry-on luggage in Australia from Flightmode.  

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