5 Reasons Why You Should Need a Waist Bag

5 Reasons Why You Should Need a Waist Bag

A waist bag is always a good idea, whether for fashion or functionality, and it is one of the ideal bags to use for leisure and essential activities because of its size and features. While there are already many bag designs and trends, waist bags never go out of style. 

If you are looking for a sign to buy a waist bag, we have listed below why it’s worth purchasing. 

What is a Waist Bag? 

Waist bags, also called fanny packs, belt bags, and bum bags, are small pouches attached to a long strap with clasped belts worn around the waist.  

They are reliable bags that can also be worn on hips and over the shoulder, depending on your preferred style. They can carry your belongings, such as money, keys, phone, portable charger, snacks, lipstick, and other essentials. 

a man wearing a waist bag

5 Reasons to Use a Waist Bag 

Small bags, including waist bags, are still in style today. Many celebrities, influencers, and other famous people in the fashion industry still use fanny packs and small pouches.  

So, if you are not yet convinced to get a belt bag, here’s why you should shop for one. 

Experience Convenience 

Using waist bags is highly convenient since you don’t have to carry them around your shoulders, like handbags and shoulder bags. Holding other stuff, such as food, drinks, umbrellas, and shopping bags, is easier since both hands are free. 

You also don’t have to dig out your lipstick for retouch or your house keys when you get home from an errand because you can easily pull them out. So, if you want to experience a hassle-free activity and enjoy your day, belt bags can be your best companion.  

Travel More Comfortably 

Travelling is fun, especially if you can easily access your travel essentials. It’s also a convenient accessory because it’s not considered a piece of carry-on luggage on planes, unlike a waterproof backpack. So, travel with ease and comfort by using waist bags.  

They can efficiently carry your passport, phone, identification cards, wallet, pocket Wi-Fi, portable charger, and other items. You can make the most out of your trip by touring around a beautiful city with everything stored and secured in your belt bag.  


If you have kids, you know keeping them responsible for their stuff is pretty challenging, especially when travelling. But waist bags allow your little ones to carry their snacks, toys, and other essentials without having their hands full. 

You don’t have to worry about them getting messy while on a picnic or losing their favourite action figures because fanny packs can safeguard their belongings. Best of all, various adorable designs and kid-friendly sizes are available for your little ones. 

Extra Storage 

Having additional storage for your upcoming trips is always a need. And if you don’t have any space to fit your cable organiser bag and other travel accessories, using waist bags is the key.  

You can put your essentials in your funny pack without worrying about excess baggage since it’s not deemed as another piece of a carry-on bag. So, you can wear it on board and easily access your travel essentials. 

Fit for Various Events 

You can use waist bags for different events, such as parties, concerts, etc. With its appealing designs and enhanced functionality, you can wear it as cross body bags in Australia while you go on street parties, fashion shows, and even on sports events. And if you plan to go on your annual camping or mountain climbing, you can use a belt bag for additional storage if your overnight bag is full. 

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